Soundtracks with Video

99 MILES -     Pop Orchestral, Piano                 duration 07:50

In his live performance of 99 Miles, Johnny B. plays piano along with orchestration and projected video.

All video images in 99 Miles  are within ninety-nine miles of Homer, Alaska. Johnny B. raised his family in Homer and has been composing music there for over 40 years. This music for 99 Miles gained him a nomination as finalist at the 2022 FMC International Film Scoring Competition

The award-winning video images are by Daniel Zatz of Zatz Works.


BLUE ICE -   Orchestral, Piano and Strings.       duration 03:00    

In 2018, Johnny B. was asked by an audience member, “Can you really see the effects of climate change in Alaska?” 

Blue Ice was screened at the Colorado Environmental Film Fest in 2018 and at the Myrtle Beach International Film Fest in 2019. 

Blue Ice was a finalist in the 2023 FMC International Film Score Competition.                                                                   

URSUS ARCTOS  - jazz trio and strings                   duration 02:53

In February of '24 Johnny B. composed this music after experiencing these bears during the summer of '23. He captured all the video on his iPhone.

This piece is the newest addition to his live performance, The Rhythm of the North


Johnny B. (John Bushell) was classically trained in California as a child and influenced by jazz, rock, and pop. His composing and performance passion urged him to attend the Berklee College of Music in the late 70s.After Boston, Johnny B. performed and composed music from his van with piano in 49 states and parts of Canada. (Hawaii came later.)

Run Gypsy Run - Fun, Novelty, Uptempo                               duration 3:30

He set up his attached stage and played before audiences in schools, performance halls and street corners.  He played the White House 1979.


Johnny B. moved to Alaska in the early '80s and has been composing music about the wild lands, waterways and wildlife ever since. The dynamic range of his pieces from atmospheric to boogie woogie delight all.

PATCHWORK - solo piano, flowing and flying.      duration 03:52

Also know as, Eyes of an Eagle, this piece soars above the landscapes and wildlife of Alaska. Video images by Daniel Zatz.

"I hope my music recreates the emotional response of experiencing nature and fills you with joy!"

RHYTHM OF THE NORTH - A Demo of the Live Performance.              During the fall and spring, Johnny B.'s performs his RHYTHM OF THE NORTH program in community halls and performing arts centers throughout North America. The Rhythm of the North is a celebration of our mountains, waterways and wildlife. The live performance includes a segment about the life cycle of salmon and a visual and musical reminder of the grandeur of our ice fields and glaciers.

As guide, Johnny B. takes the audience on a tour of his home… Alaska… through stories and awesome images.                                 video duration 14:03

“Truth be told. Johnny B. has served as midwife for a shark and weed whacker of the United States – Canada border. ” audience member

The Rhythm of the North is filled with award-winning videography, photography, Alaska stories and all original award-winning music composed and performed by Johnny B.